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Fancy Dress Hen Nights

Some couples who are looking to do something different for their wedding opt for a fancy dress affair. We have all heard the stories of Star Wars and Star Trek themed weddings but in truth such occasions are quite rare. Fancy dress does often make an appearance at hen nights, however, when fun with the girls can provide a great occasion to dress up. Continue reading

How Young is Too Young to be a Bridesmaid?


You might think that every little girl would relish the prospect of being a little princess for the day but some youngsters certainly do not. I have been running a bridal shop for more than 8 years and I have seen numerous young girls who are terrified at the prospect of being a bridesmaid or who simply want nothing to do the occasion! Continue reading

Quirky Wedding Gifts


Most couples provide their guests with a gift list but if you haven’t been given such information it can be hard to know what to buy the happy couple. Many guests are not in a position to spend a fortune on a significant present and may not always know what the bride and groom already own. With couples often marrying after they have lived together most will have the basic household items they need so the safest option on a limited budget is to opt for something quirky and appealing that the happy couple may not have considered. Continue reading

Spice up Your Hen Party!

A Hen party is a fabulous excuse to let your hair down, for both the bride and the rest of her party.  What has become the traditional Hen party just wouldn’t be the same without learner plates, a theme, a big night out and some naughty accessories!  One way to inject a little spice into a Hen night is by using costumes like those from Leg Avenue.

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Continue reading

The First Dance


Most weddings include certain traditional elements and one of these is the first dance. Before the guests hit the dance floor in earnest for the usual embarrassing displays of enthusiasm, the bride and groom must start proceedings whilst everyone else looks on. Before the big day the happy couple must decide what form their first dance will take and which music they will perform to. Continue reading

Financing Your Wedding


Even the most basic wedding is a significant expense. By the time you have paid the fees for the venue, the registrar, the outfits and photography the costs will be mounting and even a simple meal for a limited number of guests will leave you with a big bill. Many couples wanting to marry will also be financing a new home and so a wedding can be a real struggle. You may be lucky enough to have parents who will help you out but if you don’t then some serious planning is in order! Continue reading

Brides Are Getting Bigger


There is a growing obesity epidemic in the developed world and as the general population grows ever larger so do brides! I run a bridal shop and the issue of weight is becoming bigger by the day if you will pardon the pun. Whilst brides are clearly growing, few seem to realise how big they actually are and that is where my problems start. Continue reading

Do You Need Flowers for Your Wedding?

Flowers are a significant feature of many weddings. The bride and her attendants usually carry flowers and the table centre pieces are often floral arrangements but what if your budget is stretched or you are looking to do something different? Is it possible to organise your entire wedding without including any flowers at all? Actually it is! There should be no rules when it comes to your wedding. If you don’t want flowers or you are struggling to afford them then do something different and make your wedding stand out from the crowd. Continue reading