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Wedding Venues Today

It’s clear to see that many of Britain’s beautiful old buildings have seen a boom in business over the past few decades, with the majority of this new business coming from wedding bookings. This increase in wedding business is in direct correlation with the decline in the traditional church wedding. I for one know that many of my friends no longer aspire to be married in a church, but would now prefer to be married in a stately home, country barn or a posh hotel instead. Continue reading

Wedding Gift Product Review: Porta Romana Fig Side Table

It’s worth first noting that Porta Romana as a brand have become very well known for their exotic take on interior design.  Although British, it’s clear to see that foreign influences have taken hold in the studios of this exciting brand.  This wonderful handmade Fig Side Table that we‘re reviewing is no exception to this trend and would make a stunning and much appreciated wedding present.


Porta Romana Fig Side Table (all rights reserved)

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Why Bridal Shops May Disappear

High street retailers have been struggling over recent years with many shutting their doors for good. The reasons are simple. People are buying more and more online, shops are selling cheaper and cheaper and the recession has reduced the amount of disposable income people have to spend. With even some of the biggest names running into trouble it is little wonder that independent bridal shops are struggling and they also have some unique issues to contend with. Continue reading

Wedding Disasters

No matter how well weddings are planned there are so many people and elements involved that something invariably goes wrong. The mishaps are usually small things which are quickly forgotten and most people can laugh them off but sometimes more serious incidents arise which are not so easy to overcome. I talk to brides all the time at my bridal shop and have heard many stories of wedding disasters. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Wedding


After the excitement of choosing your wedding dress there is generally a period of calm before you start to realise there are several accessories you need too. Choosing the right jewellery and tiara to complete your look is great fun but you are going to need shoes too and they are sometimes a bit of an after-thought. For those who are not shoe crazy, bridal footwear can be a low priority but it shouldn’t be. Your shoes are one of the most important aspects of your day and careful consideration should be given in finding the right pair for the occasion. Continue reading

Wedding Drinks


The guests at any wedding will be expecting refreshments but their tastes and needs will vary. The drinks you provide are going to account for a significant portion of your budget. Some careful thought and planning is required in order to get the best value for money and to please all of the guests. Your choices will depend on what sort of venue you are using but there are always options and you should explore them with care.

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Celebrity Wedding Dress Trends

Choosing the perfect gown is one of the most important aspects of the wedding for any bride and with a vast and bewildering array of dresses on offer the choice can be a hard one. Whilst fashions do change across the years, bridal style tends to transform much more slowly than high street styles and retro looks are always available alongside the current trends. If you are looking for some inspiration then it is always interesting to take a look at what celebrities are wearing for their big days as they have access to some of the best designers and personal stylists. Continue reading

How to Look After Your Flower Girls

Most young girls jump at the chance to be a bridesmaid. The opportunity to wear a pretty dress and play an important role in the ceremony is an inviting one but in reality it can be a long day for youngsters and some find the whole experience rather stressful. Here are some tips for keeping the flower girls happy at your wedding. Continue reading

Keeping Kids Happy at Your Wedding


It is all too easy for children to become restless and bored at a wedding and when they do they can become disruptive. Nobody wants their big day to be ruined by kid’s misbehaving and so many people are now not inviting children to their occasions. This tactic can cause rifts in the family and upset friends but there is another way. If you make your occasion child friendly the kids will have a great time and add to the enjoyment of the day. Continue reading