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Fancy Dress Hen Nights

Some couples who are looking to do something different for their wedding opt for a fancy dress affair. We have all heard the stories of Star Wars and Star Trek themed weddings but in truth such occasions are quite rare. Fancy dress does often make an appearance at hen nights, however, when fun with the girls can provide a great occasion to dress up. Continue reading

Spice up Your Hen Party!

A Hen party is a fabulous excuse to let your hair down, for both the bride and the rest of her party.  What has become the traditional Hen party just wouldn’t be the same without learner plates, a theme, a big night out and some naughty accessories!  One way to inject a little spice into a Hen night is by using costumes like those from Leg Avenue.

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Personalise Your Party


Everyone loves a good party, and throwing a bash for a birthday, wedding or other special occasion gives the opportunity for friends and family to come together and celebrate. However we’re all leading increasingly busy lives, and it can seem a bit like Groundhog Day when you go to several children’s birthday parties in a row as they use the same venues, the same cake supplier and the same decorations. Having a more personalised party doesn’t have to be more expensive, it just means you have to put a little more time and organisation into sourcing your supplies. Continue reading

A Brilliant Hen Night on a Budget


If one of your close friends is getting married soon, you’re probably as excited about the hen night as you are about the wedding itself. In the last decade the hen night has changed from a few quiet drinks with friends to a full on party which often lasts a weekend, and can end up costing the participants hundreds of pounds. It doesn’t have to be like that though, so here’s how to have the best hen night while still watching the pennies. Continue reading



OK so I know it is the obvious choice being the most popular destination for travelling hens but there is a reason Blackpool is the top pick. It may be the king of kitsch and classy it certainly is not but this place is great fun and with plenty do it is a brilliant destination for a short break. There is also the fact that with so many hen parties and stags about, it is almost impossible to embarrass yourself no matter what you do!

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