Eco Friendly Weddings


Environmental issues are certainly to the fore these days. We are all being encouraged to save resources, particularly energy, and rightly so. The earth’s resources are being rapidly depleted and I am sure most people would have some interest in preserving them but how many of us would be happy to consider the environment when it comes to our wedding?

A wedding is one of the most important occasions is anyone’s life and most brides and grooms have very a very particular idea of how they want their day to be. For most this will mean some level of pomp so do you have to make sacrifices if you want an eco-friendly wedding?

The Dress

The short answer is not really but environmental concerns could have a significant price tag. For instance it is possible to invest in an earth friendly wedding dress but unless you have a fabulous dressmaker in the family such a gown is not going to come cheap. You won’t find wedding dresses fashioned from organic, fair trade or sustainable fabrics hanging on the rails of your local bridal shop. You need a bespoke gown from a specialist and that isn’t going to come cheap!

The Cars

Wedding dresses are actually one of the least environmentally friendly things you could possibly buy. Most are made from manmade fabrics in the Far East and shipping a dress from that far away does nothing for your carbon footprint! There are easier issues to address at a wedding, however, and one of them is the cars. Hiring a horse and carriage instead of a car is certainly a great idea and if that is beyond your budget then you could consider using a smaller vehicle rather than a gas guzzling Rolls

Cakes and Invitations

It is easy to get your hands on a wedding cake made from organic ingredients and you will find plenty of options when it comes to stationery. Invitations made from recycled materials are relatively common and you can even get your hands on eco-friendly confetti. Things get a little more difficult when it comes to your venue!

The Venue

A wedding reception with many guests is going to use a lot of energy with all those lights, the music and the cooking of the meals. Holding your ceremony and reception outside is an option, although the weather will be a concern, or you could cut down the number of guests to create a smaller and less energy thirsty occasion. Using eco lodges for your guest accommodation is another possibility.

The Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is another tricky issue. Most couples will be dreaming of a luxurious stay at a long haul destination with oodles of sunshine but that long flight will not conform to eco-friendly ideals. You could opt not to travel at all which might be a bit too much of a sacrifice, alternatively travel to somewhere closer to home or pick a destination with eco-friendly credentials. For instance, the Aran Island off the coast of Ireland offer eco tours to view their many environmental projects aimed at conserving resources and preserving the environment. The Islands boast many innovative projects including increasing the production of renewable energy and expanding recycling options. It might be a bit chilly there though, compared to the Caribbean, but you could always wear one of their famous jumpers!


Article by Sally Stacey