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Wedding Regrets

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A new survey has revealed that only 18% of women actually believe that their wedding was the perfect day with the rest admitting that there was at least one aspect of their big day that they would love to change. It would appear that despite the huge cost of many weddings and the amount of time spent planning them, most brides end up feeling that the results were less than perfect. Continue reading

How About a Two year Honeymoon – On a Bike?

Most couples look forward to a relaxing honeymoon on a tropical beach or a visit to a romantic city like Paris or Venice. There are, however, no rules when it comes to your special trip and so you can head off anywhere that takes your fancy but would you choose a 2 year expedition across the world by pedal power?

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Miss Piggy is Getting Married!

Muppets favourite Miss Piggy has been trying to drag Kermit the Frog down the aisle for as long as anyone can remember and it seems that she might finally have succeeded. The new Muppets Movie “Muppets Most Wanted” will shortly hit our screens and Miss Piggy may finally be about the fulfil her dreams as acclaimed designer Vivienne Westwood was commissioned to design a wedding dress for the romantic pig.

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Would You Cancel Someone’s Wedding?


When you work in the wedding industry you see pretty much everything you could possibly imagine. In the 9 years I have worked in the business I have had a few shocks regarding people’s behaviour and attitudes. Weddings can bring out both the best and worst in those involved leading to many wonderful gestures and some truly appalling behaviour. This week I read that a women has been jailed for cancelling her brother’s wedding behind his back. It sounds appalling but it is not a unique occurrence. Continue reading

Wedding Disasters

No matter how well weddings are planned there are so many people and elements involved that something invariably goes wrong. The mishaps are usually small things which are quickly forgotten and most people can laugh them off but sometimes more serious incidents arise which are not so easy to overcome. I talk to brides all the time at my bridal shop and have heard many stories of wedding disasters. Continue reading

Planning My Wedding

Since very recently getting engaged, I have to admit to myself and others that I’m scared. Very scared, actually. Not scared of solidifying the relationship with my partner, but simply the cost of getting married.

I’ve never been one to spend money frivolously, and it seems that organising a wedding requires you to do just that. Looking at wedding budget lists is horrifying – here is a 2013 UK wedding budget list. For example, a suggested average spend of £300 on wedding stationery is something I find to be extraordinary, and pointless too. Continue reading