Add a Spark to Your Wedding with Fireworks

Everyone wants a perfect and memorable wedding but the sad truth is that many weddings end up being very similar and hardly memorable at all, at least for the guests. There are plenty of things that you can do to put some oomph into your occasion and one feature that will certainly thrill your guests is a firework display at the reception.

Creating Memories

Few people can resist the excitement of a firework display. There is something uplifting and life affirming about all that colour and noise and so fireworks surely have to be considered for the most important celebration of your life. A firework display is a great way to provide something special for your evening only guests who will have missed the main event and you can be sure that your reception will stick in the memory of all who were there.

Do it Yourself

Before you make your decision there are some important factors to consider. Some venues may not allow fireworks and others will have restrictions about what time you can hold the display so speak to your venue before you set your heart on the fireworks. If your venue does allow displays then they may only accept professionally organised shows otherwise, if you are on a budget, you could consider putting on your own. There are some great fireworks out there that you can get your hands on but plan carefully and ensure that you have the right people firing them on the night.

Anyone involved with the display should not drink until after the fireworks and do remember that your firers will be taken away from the reception for a period of time. The display will take some considerable time to set up earlier in the day which is a major consideration as your wedding ceremony will also be happening and there could be a lot of tidying up to do at the end of the evening. You may also need to invest in extra insurance if you are responsible for the fireworks.

The Professionals

If organising a display is too much for you then get in the professionals. Your venue is more likely to allow a display if it is organised this way and you won’t have to worry about setting up, the aftermath or the safety of the event. Your venue may even have fireworks specialists that they use regularly and can put you in touch with people that you can rely on to deliver a great service. If you source a supplier yourself then do check references to ensure that you have chosen wisely and if you get a chance, visit one of their displays to see what they can do. A professional display does not have to cost the earth and could make all the difference to your wedding.

Fireworks are a fabulous addition to any special occasion and are guaranteed to please and impress your guests. Adults and children alike enjoy a good display so this could be a great opportunity to give something back to friends and family that have made the effort to attend your big day.

Article by Sally Stacey