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Wedding Regrets

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A new survey has revealed that only 18% of women actually believe that their wedding was the perfect day with the rest admitting that there was at least one aspect of their big day that they would love to change. It would appear that despite the huge cost of many weddings and the amount of time spent planning them, most brides end up feeling that the results were less than perfect. Continue reading

Old Romantics

Not so very long ago most people’s vision of an old lady would be someone over the age of 60 (the old retirement age) who sat at home knitting or doing needle crafts. That image may have been close to the truth but times are changing rapidly and for many over 60’s life is very much in full swing. New research has revealed that one thing that older people are doing more regularly is getting married. Continue reading

Mother of the Bride – How to Choose Your Outfit

Once the excitement of choosing the wedding dress is over many mothers then start to panic about their own outfits. It is a very important day and it is natural to want to look your best but there really are only a few issues to concern yourself with. There are no strict rules about what you can wear although you might want to leave the denim in the wardrobe for the day and stick to something relatively formal. Continue reading

Would You Cancel Someone’s Wedding?


When you work in the wedding industry you see pretty much everything you could possibly imagine. In the 9 years I have worked in the business I have had a few shocks regarding people’s behaviour and attitudes. Weddings can bring out both the best and worst in those involved leading to many wonderful gestures and some truly appalling behaviour. This week I read that a women has been jailed for cancelling her brother’s wedding behind his back. It sounds appalling but it is not a unique occurrence. Continue reading

Brides Are Getting Bigger


There is a growing obesity epidemic in the developed world and as the general population grows ever larger so do brides! I run a bridal shop and the issue of weight is becoming bigger by the day if you will pardon the pun. Whilst brides are clearly growing, few seem to realise how big they actually are and that is where my problems start. Continue reading

Do You Need Flowers for Your Wedding?

Flowers are a significant feature of many weddings. The bride and her attendants usually carry flowers and the table centre pieces are often floral arrangements but what if your budget is stretched or you are looking to do something different? Is it possible to organise your entire wedding without including any flowers at all? Actually it is! There should be no rules when it comes to your wedding. If you don’t want flowers or you are struggling to afford them then do something different and make your wedding stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

Wedding Disasters

No matter how well weddings are planned there are so many people and elements involved that something invariably goes wrong. The mishaps are usually small things which are quickly forgotten and most people can laugh them off but sometimes more serious incidents arise which are not so easy to overcome. I talk to brides all the time at my bridal shop and have heard many stories of wedding disasters. Continue reading

Organising Your Wedding Presents


There was a time when the vast majority of people who got married were still living with their parents and so their wedding presents formed part of the process of setting up their first home. These days many couples are already independent and have most of the things that they need for the house so what is it acceptable to ask for as a wedding present and how do you go about organising a list? Continue reading