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Quirky Wedding Gifts


Most couples provide their guests with a gift list but if you haven’t been given such information it can be hard to know what to buy the happy couple. Many guests are not in a position to spend a fortune on a significant present and may not always know what the bride and groom already own. With couples often marrying after they have lived together most will have the basic household items they need so the safest option on a limited budget is to opt for something quirky and appealing that the happy couple may not have considered. Continue reading

Financing Your Wedding


Even the most basic wedding is a significant expense. By the time you have paid the fees for the venue, the registrar, the outfits and photography the costs will be mounting and even a simple meal for a limited number of guests will leave you with a big bill. Many couples wanting to marry will also be financing a new home and so a wedding can be a real struggle. You may be lucky enough to have parents who will help you out but if you don’t then some serious planning is in order! Continue reading

Wedding Gift Product Review: Porta Romana Fig Side Table

It’s worth first noting that Porta Romana as a brand have become very well known for their exotic take on interior design.  Although British, it’s clear to see that foreign influences have taken hold in the studios of this exciting brand.  This wonderful handmade Fig Side Table that we‘re reviewing is no exception to this trend and would make a stunning and much appreciated wedding present.


Porta Romana Fig Side Table (all rights reserved)

Continue reading

Why Do We Love Fluffy Animals?


What is it about a babies, puppies and kittens that makes us go, “aw!” What makes something cute, and why does it provoke such an overwhelming response? Perhaps it’s not that complicated an answer. Why like do we like fluffy animals? Because they’re gorgeous!

If you think about this further, why do most of us feel drawn to dogs and cats as pets, and not snakes and spiders? The latter are kept as pets, but they’re not nearly as popular. Why does fluff and fur beat scuttling and scales? Continue reading

Organising Your Wedding Presents


There was a time when the vast majority of people who got married were still living with their parents and so their wedding presents formed part of the process of setting up their first home. These days many couples are already independent and have most of the things that they need for the house so what is it acceptable to ask for as a wedding present and how do you go about organising a list? Continue reading