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Successful Weddings for Pregnant Brides

Times have changed and these days many brides get married whilst pregnant or plan weddings which will take place shortly after the birth of their child. Pregnancy does throw up some difficulties but there is no reason why a successful and happy wedding cannot be achieved. It is, however, necessary to plan more carefully. Continue reading

Do You Need Flowers for Your Wedding?

Flowers are a significant feature of many weddings. The bride and her attendants usually carry flowers and the table centre pieces are often floral arrangements but what if your budget is stretched or you are looking to do something different? Is it possible to organise your entire wedding without including any flowers at all? Actually it is! There should be no rules when it comes to your wedding. If you don’t want flowers or you are struggling to afford them then do something different and make your wedding stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

In the excitement of your wedding preparations it can be all too easy to overlook a few things that you might need on your special day. Nobody is going to forget to buy their bridal gown or sort out their bridesmaids dresses but there several other details which often get missed until a problem arises. Don’t get caught out on your big day! It is important to consider all eventualities in advance of the occasion. Continue reading