Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding?

There was a time when artificial flowers meant rather cheap looking plastic affairs that certainly wouldn’t grace any wedding. These days, however, there are some truly amazing examples that are so realistic you can barely distinguish them from live blooms. Many brides are now opting for artificial flowers and there are several good reasons for doing so.

Seasonal Choices

If the flowers that you really want are out of season at the time of your wedding then featuring them in your bouquet could be mission impossible or at least extremely costly.  Perhaps your choice is just a matter of taste or maybe you have sentimental reasons for featuring certain flowers. Artificial flowers are the perfect solution and will give you a free choice of blooms whenever you marry.

Weddings Abroad

If your wedding is overseas then you are making your arrangements at arms-length and have to trust the planner to make the right choices for you. Your bouquet is a key feature of your look for the big day and so if you would like to see it before you travel and to be sure that it suits then artificial is the way to go. You can have your bouquet made before you set off and have peace of mind that it is what you are looking for.


If you suffer from allergies then your flowers could cause you some major issues! You don’t want to be sniffing and sneezing your way down the aisle as that is not an attractive look! Choose artificial flowers if you have any concerns about allergic reactions just to be on the safe side!.

No Florist?

If you have left your wedding arrangements until late in the day then you may have difficulty finding a suitable florist who isn’t fully committed for the date you have chosen. Using artificial flowers will enable the florist to make up your bouquet ahead of time which means you will still benefit from the skills of your favourite florist even if they aren’t available on the day itself.


You may wish to keep your bouquet as a keepsake of your special day. Real flowers can be preserved but it is much easier and more cost effective to go artificial. If you would still like to take part in the tradition of throwing your bouquet then simply have a replica made for you to keep.


Deciding on the design of your bouquet can be difficult and it is never nice to be disappointed when yours is delivered. Artificial flowers give you the opportunity to experiment with size, colour and arrangements until you feel you have come up with a winning formula. You can then pass your sample to a florist and they can use this as a template for a professional arrangement in real or artificial blooms.

Artificial flowers are certainly worthy of consideration and could be the answer to your prayers. They shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand because you will be surprised at how beautiful an artificial bouquet can be.

Article by Sally Stacey