Add a Spark to Your Wedding with Fireworks

Everyone wants a perfect and memorable wedding but the sad truth is that many weddings end up being very similar and hardly memorable at all, at least for the guests. There are plenty of things that you can do to put some oomph into your occasion and one feature that will certainly thrill your guests is a firework display at the reception. Continue reading

Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding?

There was a time when artificial flowers meant rather cheap looking plastic affairs that certainly wouldn’t grace any wedding. These days, however, there are some truly amazing examples that are so realistic you can barely distinguish them from live blooms. Many brides are now opting for artificial flowers and there are several good reasons for doing so. Continue reading

For the Love of Gemstones

For most brides it is the weddings dress that is the most important and treasured element of their nuptials but the engagement ring and wedding band are up there too. After all what girl doesn’t adore a great piece of jewellery? For most people an investment in gemstone jewellery is a significant one. so significant, indeed, that they can’t afford the extravagance very often. For many brides those two special rings could be the most valuable pieces they ever own and so choosing the right ones is a big deal. Continue reading

Eco Friendly Weddings


Environmental issues are certainly to the fore these days. We are all being encouraged to save resources, particularly energy, and rightly so. The earth’s resources are being rapidly depleted and I am sure most people would have some interest in preserving them but how many of us would be happy to consider the environment when it comes to our wedding? Continue reading

New Tricks

The cost of a typical wedding has escalated greatly in recent years. Many couples now have lofty ideas about their dream wedding but lack the funds to pay for it. The result is a growing trend for brides and grooms to employ money grabbing tricks to mitigate their costs. Would you be prepared to ask your guests to foot the bill for the wedding or the honeymoon? Continue reading

Hassle on Holiday (1)

Most of us take a holiday or honeymoon in order to get away from it all, to relax and to relieve ourselves of stress. Unfortunately tourist destinations attract a lot of visitors and therefore are also a magnet for those who are seeking to relieve those visitors of their cash. Being pestered whilst you are trying to enjoy yourself is a genuine pain in the proverbial but very hard to avoid. Continue reading

The London Watch Show

Excitement is now building as the second London Watch Show is now just days away. The show is the only trade exhibition dedicated to the watch industry in the UK and experienced a highly successful launch in 2013. Whilst Basel World is the largest showcase for timepieces on the planet the emphasis there is on high end brands and it was felt that a boutique show with a broader appeal was needed for UK Watch professionals. The inaugural event proved popular and now the London Watch Show looks set to be a permanent fixture on the watch industry calendar.

The 2014 show takes place 6th and 7th July in the heart of London at the stunning Freemason’s Hall, Covent Garden. Following the success of the 2013 event, this year’s show will be even bigger and better with more exhibitors attending and a greater number of retailers and journalists heading to London. Advance registrations suggest that visitor numbers will be twice as high as last year as more and more industry professionals are becomming excited about the potential of the exhibition.

Watch Hub at the Show

Naturally Watch Hub will be attending the London Watch Show as we always strive to keep abreast of new developments in the industry and to showcase the latest timepiecs in our collection. We will be there to explore all of the ranges to see what’s hot and what’s not from our existing brands in 2014 and also to take a look at the new labels launching at the show. At Watch Hub we are keen to ensure that our clients can make their choice from the best available timepieces.

Who’s There

Many new brands are planning their UK launches at the show and estalished brands will be debuting their latest models. There will be watches unveiled which have previously only been seen overseas as prototypes. We are full of eager anticipation to view the latest designs and we will certainly be taking a close look at the new timepieces from Casio and Bulova to see what will be added to our range later in the year. Panzerra will be introducing their new Breuer Automatic range and interesting Southern Califonain Brand Nixon will be hoping to impress the UK buyers with their offering.

The London Watch Show is organised by WatchPro a highly regarded magazine and online resource for industry professionals and watch enthsiasts. Every year WatchPro publish their fascinating list of the 100 most influential figures in the industry and as that list featured our very own Robin last year he will certainly be welcomed to the show!

In the coming months the best new timepieces from the London Watch Show will be appearing here at Watch Hub but in the meantime if you can’t wait to see what is coming up then you are able to visit the show yourself as the exhibition welcomes watch enthusiasts. For details of how to register click here and for a quick preview of what you will find there take a look at this video about last year’s event.

If you visit the show then have a great day and don’t forget to visit Watch Hub again in the future to see the latest cool styles!

Wedding Regrets

399px-Wedding_dress_by_Carolina_Herrera (1)

A new survey has revealed that only 18% of women actually believe that their wedding was the perfect day with the rest admitting that there was at least one aspect of their big day that they would love to change. It would appear that despite the huge cost of many weddings and the amount of time spent planning them, most brides end up feeling that the results were less than perfect. Continue reading

Old Romantics

Not so very long ago most people’s vision of an old lady would be someone over the age of 60 (the old retirement age) who sat at home knitting or doing needle crafts. That image may have been close to the truth but times are changing rapidly and for many over 60’s life is very much in full swing. New research has revealed that one thing that older people are doing more regularly is getting married. Continue reading