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Choosing Your Lingerie


Every bride has a myriad of things to think about and plan in the build up to their wedding. Their outfit is usually their primary focus but dressing for the big day is not just about the gown. There are many other elements to consider including a jacket or wrap, bridal shoes and lingerie. Brides usually want special lingerie and something sexy for the wedding night but there are other considerations to think about before you spend your money. Continue reading

How Young is Too Young to be a Bridesmaid?


You might think that every little girl would relish the prospect of being a little princess for the day but some youngsters certainly do not. I have been running a bridal shop for more than 8 years and I have seen numerous young girls who are terrified at the prospect of being a bridesmaid or who simply want nothing to do the occasion! Continue reading

Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

In the excitement of your wedding preparations it can be all too easy to overlook a few things that you might need on your special day. Nobody is going to forget to buy their bridal gown or sort out their bridesmaids dresses but there several other details which often get missed until a problem arises. Don’t get caught out on your big day! It is important to consider all eventualities in advance of the occasion. Continue reading

Bridal Lingerie


Most brides end up pondering over what lingerie to wear for their big day. It is all too easy to head straight for the beautiful sexy numbers available but wearing these can often be a mistake. Your wedding day is a long and tiring occasion and so comfort is of the utmost importance and it is vital that you choose pieces which complement your dress. If you want something sexy for your wedding night you are better off changing into this after taking off your dress but in any case you will find that after a long day and plenty of drink neither you nor your new husband will much care about your underwear! Continue reading