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Financing Your Wedding


Even the most basic wedding is a significant expense. By the time you have paid the fees for the venue, the registrar, the outfits and photography the costs will be mounting and even a simple meal for a limited number of guests will leave you with a big bill. Many couples wanting to marry will also be financing a new home and so a wedding can be a real struggle. You may be lucky enough to have parents who will help you out but if you don’t then some serious planning is in order! Continue reading

In What Order Should You Organise the Elements of Your Wedding?

Many brides are uncertain about the order in which they should organise each element of their wedding. This might not seem like a crucial issue but in practice it can be as timing can be vital if you want to maximise your choices and avoid spending more than you need to. Priorities will vary but here is a guide to what is generally the best approach. Continue reading