The Competitive Edge


A recent study of 1000 brides has revealed just how competitive they can be. 60% have admitted to choosing elements of their wedding merely to outdo their friends and many would be absolutely furious if a fellow bride copied their ideas. So much for imitation being the sincerest form of flattery!

The Stresses

The need to impress is no longer confined to the big day itself. Having great pictures for Facebook is now a major concern and rivals the more traditional stresses of family politics, weight gain and the mother in law deciding to take over proceedings. Great concern was voiced over receiving criticism for the way the wedding was planned and brides feared complaints from bridesmaids about their dresses (nothing new there then). Brides still worry about seating plans, haven’t they always, and the old chestnut of needing to look great in the dress was still a big worry.


Brides are now so wrapped up in the whole one-upmanship thing that it would appear that they are analysing their friends’ weddings in forensic detail to see if there are any ideas that have been pinched. The thought that someone they know would buy the same wedding dress makes them livid but over a third still admit to copying ideas from others!

The Arguments

Brides even say that they have made themselves ill from the stress of trying to dress to impress and to produce the wedding that wows everyone. Many have had arguments with friends and relatives in the build up to the big day, some over other people interfering and others over lack offers to help! Gosh this all sounds like a complete nightmare. I am conjuring up pictures of brides and bridesmaids bickering over shoes, handbags and even what they all going to wear to the hen night! It would seem that just the choice of a nice dress to wear to the rehearsal could spark a row.

Wrong Priorities

This is all such a shame. I don’t understand why brides are so concerned about producing the grand spectacular when the wedding really should be what they want it to be and not a vehicle to impress others. The most important aspect of any wedding should be the ceremony and the vows. It is an occasion when two people make a loving commitment and it really shouldn’t matter what necklace they are wearing or if their venue was more expensive than their friend’s.

The real meaning of marriage has been thrown out of the window in favour of a spending spree in order to show off. I am sure that most brides would have a much better day if they cast aside any concerns about what other people might think and just organise the day that they would like and stop worrying about how other’s perceive it. In my experience the weddings that most impress people are the happy, fun ones where everyone has a great time not the ones where the most money has been spent or the bride got sick from the worry of it all.

Article by Sally Stacey