Wedding Gift Product Review: Porta Romana Fig Side Table

It’s worth first noting that Porta Romana as a brand have become very well known for their exotic take on interior design.  Although British, it’s clear to see that foreign influences have taken hold in the studios of this exciting brand.  This wonderful handmade Fig Side Table that we‘re reviewing is no exception to this trend and would make a stunning and much appreciated wedding present.


Porta Romana Fig Side Table (all rights reserved)

Materials & Aesthetics

Let’s start by looking at the materials that Porta Romana has chosen to make this item out of.  Firstly we have a forged steel base; this gives the table a reassuring sturdiness whilst the French brass decorative finish that has been applied completes this area aesthetically.  The table top is made from black lacquered wood.  This works well with the decorative brass of the legs however perhaps it is also a hint towards the table’s namesake as the black lacquered wood is not dissimilar to the colours and tones of a ripened fig.

Following on from the fig connection, this can be established further by looking at the distinctive shape of the legs of the table.  The profile of the legs closely resembles the shape of a fig.  Pulling together the elements of the table, such as the legs and table top, to reflect a natural shape is typical of Porta Romana.  Their whole suite of products features in depth and thoughtful design that often pulls on influences from the natural world.


Sometimes when you buy a piece furniture online you may find when it arrives that it’s not quite what you were looking for, or as you had imagined.  The Porta Romana Fig Side Table is a great product for being exactly how you would expect despite being handmade.  At 55cm tall it’s the perfect height for a side table, ideal for placing next to any living room seating.

In Conclusion

Not only does Porta Romana make beautiful side tables, they’re also extremely well known for their wonderful range of Porta Romana lamps and lighting.  It is possible to buy these and their other furniture pieces by shopping online with a stockist.  Bear in mind that as these items are handmade there can sometimes be a slight delay when ordering.

Our verdict is that the Porta Romana Fig Side Table would be a wonderful addition to any home as well as a great and meaningful wedding present.  Unlike many interior products that you come across when shopping for items for your home, Porta Romana items are designed and manufactured in such a way that you know you’re getting something more for your money, a high quality item with a own story to tell.