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Should You have Your Wedding Dress Made?

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There is a wonderful selection of wedding dresses to choose from in bridal boutiques across the country but many brides still fancy having a dress specially made. This is not a decision which should be taken lightly as the gown is probably the most important garment you will ever invest in. Here are the issues to consider. Continue reading

Miss Piggy is Getting Married!

Muppets favourite Miss Piggy has been trying to drag Kermit the Frog down the aisle for as long as anyone can remember and it seems that she might finally have succeeded. The new Muppets Movie “Muppets Most Wanted” will shortly hit our screens and Miss Piggy may finally be about the fulfil her dreams as acclaimed designer Vivienne Westwood was commissioned to design a wedding dress for the romantic pig.

Continue reading

Who Really Designs Wedding Dresses?

I have been working in the bridal industry for over 8 years and I still can’t give you a definitive answer to that question! You would think that if a collection has someone’s name on it that they did indeed design it but the truth is that with many collections the name on the label is just a brand and no such person actually exists. Even when the name is a genuine designer I doubt if they are responsible for the entire collection. Continue reading

Celebrity Wedding Dress Trends

Choosing the perfect gown is one of the most important aspects of the wedding for any bride and with a vast and bewildering array of dresses on offer the choice can be a hard one. Whilst fashions do change across the years, bridal style tends to transform much more slowly than high street styles and retro looks are always available alongside the current trends. If you are looking for some inspiration then it is always interesting to take a look at what celebrities are wearing for their big days as they have access to some of the best designers and personal stylists. Continue reading

Should You Trash Your Dress?


Most brides spend a great deal of time and energy searching for their perfect gown for the big day. The dress is one of the most important aspects of the wedding and is the stuff of dreams for most girls. All the more incredible, then, that a new style of photography has emerged from America called “Trash the Dress” or “Rock the Frock”. Here brides are pictured wearing their finery but in unusual locations where the dress is likely to get ruined or is actually deliberately destroyed. Continue reading

How Much Should You Pay for Your Wedding Dress?


The dress is one of the most important aspects of the wedding for most brides and they will spend a great deal of effort searching for the perfect gown. There are so many different styles available that the choice can be a difficult one and the issue is complicated by the vast range of prices. The question is, do you need to spend a fortune to get a great dress and how much of your budget should you set aside for the gown?


Decide what your budget for the whole wedding is and try to stick to it. Everyone wants a fantastic wedding but there is no point laying on an occasion that you will still be paying for years later. Don’t create a millstone around your neck and remember that after you are married there will be many important things you will need to finance like home improvements and children. Spend only what you have and set aside no more than 10% of this for your gown. Continue reading