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Wedding Regrets

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A new survey has revealed that only 18% of women actually believe that their wedding was the perfect day with the rest admitting that there was at least one aspect of their big day that they would love to change. It would appear that despite the huge cost of many weddings and the amount of time spent planning them, most brides end up feeling that the results were less than perfect. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Wedding


After the excitement of choosing your wedding dress there is generally a period of calm before you start to realise there are several accessories you need too. Choosing the right jewellery and tiara to complete your look is great fun but you are going to need shoes too and they are sometimes a bit of an after-thought. For those who are not shoe crazy, bridal footwear can be a low priority but it shouldn’t be. Your shoes are one of the most important aspects of your day and careful consideration should be given in finding the right pair for the occasion. Continue reading