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Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding?

There was a time when artificial flowers meant rather cheap looking plastic affairs that certainly wouldn’t grace any wedding. These days, however, there are some truly amazing examples that are so realistic you can barely distinguish them from live blooms. Many brides are now opting for artificial flowers and there are several good reasons for doing so. Continue reading

Planning My Wedding

Since very recently getting engaged, I have to admit to myself and others that I’m scared. Very scared, actually. Not scared of solidifying the relationship with my partner, but simply the cost of getting married.

I’ve never been one to spend money frivolously, and it seems that organising a wedding requires you to do just that. Looking at wedding budget lists is horrifying – here is a 2013 UK wedding budget list. For example, a suggested average spend of £300 on wedding stationery is something I find to be extraordinary, and pointless too. Continue reading