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New Tricks

The cost of a typical wedding has escalated greatly in recent years. Many couples now have lofty ideas about their dream wedding but lack the funds to pay for it. The result is a growing trend for brides and grooms to employ money grabbing tricks to mitigate their costs. Would you be prepared to ask your guests to foot the bill for the wedding or the honeymoon? Continue reading

The Perfect Winter Honeymoon

Winter weddings are becoming a more popular choice as couples look for better deals for their venues. Winter dates are usually cheaper and since many couples hold both their service and reception in the same place the weather is not such as issue. A winter wedding can restrict your choice of honeymoon destination though so why not complete the winter wonderland occasion with a honeymoon on the snow? Continue reading

How About a Two year Honeymoon – On a Bike?

Most couples look forward to a relaxing honeymoon on a tropical beach or a visit to a romantic city like Paris or Venice. There are, however, no rules when it comes to your special trip and so you can head off anywhere that takes your fancy but would you choose a 2 year expedition across the world by pedal power?

Continue reading

Honeymoon Trends


There was a time when it was accepted that couples would marry and then by the next day would be off on their honeymoon. Those with generous budgets would take off to exotic beaches or traditionally romantic destinations like Paris and those with more limited funds would find a suitable destination in the UK. Times have changed and now almost anything goes when it comes to the honeymoon. Continue reading

Byzantine Jewellery – Ideal for Your Honeymoon


One of the big trends in jewellery at the moment is pieces which take their inspiration from another age or culture, whether that be massive tribal necklaces or jewellery which features ancient Celtic symbols and knots. One of the cultures which is providing most inspiration to jewellery makers currently is the Byzantine Empire, but what exactly is the Byzantine Empire and what does the jewellery look like? Continue reading

The Emerald River of Prince Caspian

soca river

If you have seen the movie Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian then you may have marvelled at the stunning scenery in the film shot along a gorgeous emerald river surrounded by incredible alpine peaks. The river featured is the Soča and the scenes were shot close to the town of Bovec in Slovenia. If you love the romance of the mountains and fancy a honeymoon in gorgeous surroundings that will not break the bank then consider giving Slovenia a try. Continue reading