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UK Wedding Industry Struggling

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All the signs are that the British wedding industry is currently in decline. Suppliers from bridal gown retailers to menswear hire companies are reporting a fall in trade and there doesn’t seem to be much good news on the horizon. Is this situation the result of a fall in the number of marriages or are other factors at play? Continue reading

Do You Really Need A Seating Plan at Your Reception?


No matter how hard you try some guests will always end up disappointed with where they are seated at the reception. It is tempting to think that it is best to just let people choose their own places and the casual approach will certainly relieve the organiser of a lot of work. The lack of a seating plan can cause problems, however, and a little effort before the big day can save you time and trouble later on. Continue reading

Organising Your Wedding Presents


There was a time when the vast majority of people who got married were still living with their parents and so their wedding presents formed part of the process of setting up their first home. These days many couples are already independent and have most of the things that they need for the house so what is it acceptable to ask for as a wedding present and how do you go about organising a list? Continue reading