Old Romantics

Not so very long ago most people’s vision of an old lady would be someone over the age of 60 (the old retirement age) who sat at home knitting or doing needle crafts. That image may have been close to the truth but times are changing rapidly and for many over 60’s life is very much in full swing. New research has revealed that one thing that older people are doing more regularly is getting married.

A New Trend

2012 saw a massive jump of 25% in the number of couples aged 65 to 69 who got married with one in ten of the newly-weds having never been married before. These later marriages are less likely to end in divorce. Longer lives, improved health and greater financial security could be the reasons behind the trend. In the past you might have considered yourself to be near the end of your life at 65 but now many people clearly feel there is still plenty of time for a new chapter in their lives and that can include a long and happy marriage.

The total number of weddings was up by over 5% in 2012 which was a bit of a surprise as marriage looked to be going out of fashion. One thing that is clear, though, is that people are marrying later. The average age of a bride and groom has been steadily rising and is now 35. This trend has mainly been due to the fact that couples have more freedom in their choices these days and it is socially acceptable to live together and have children before you get hitched do there is no pressure to marry immediately.

Heart Warming

It is heart-warming to see more older couples getting married and as attitudes have changed considerably in recent years there is no reason why they shouldn’t enjoy the pomp of a proper ceremony and extravagant reception. I have been working in the bridal industry for many years and I have certainly noticed that older brides have become more common and that they are becoming progressively more open to wearing a proper wedding dress for the occasion.

The Older Bride

Personally I could never see any reason why older brides shouldn’t wear a wedding dress. They may be older but they are still brides and they still deserve a great wedding. Older women can look absolutely amazing on their wedding day and have a better sense of their own style and what suits them. The results can be spectacular and some of my most memorable and beautiful brides were older women.

The Future

If the current trends continue then older brides and grooms will be the norm rather than the exception and it is encouraging to know that romance is alive and well amongst the older generation. They used to say that life begins at 40 well maybe that saying should be adjusted. Life can begin at 65 too and there can be many new adventures in store including a wedding!


Article by Sally Stacey