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Can You Plan Your Wedding Without Upsetting Someone?

Sadly the answer to that question is probably no! There is nothing like a wedding to bring out the worst in people and inevitably everyone will have their own take on what you should be doing with your event. No matter what choices you make you will contrive to upset someone even if you adopt a diplomatic approach. Continue reading

Personalise Your Party


Everyone loves a good party, and throwing a bash for a birthday, wedding or other special occasion gives the opportunity for friends and family to come together and celebrate. However we’re all leading increasingly busy lives, and it can seem a bit like Groundhog Day when you go to several children’s birthday parties in a row as they use the same venues, the same cake supplier and the same decorations. Having a more personalised party doesn’t have to be more expensive, it just means you have to put a little more time and organisation into sourcing your supplies. Continue reading

How to Use Balloons at Your Wedding


Balloons can add festive fun and a splash of colour to any occasion and they are the perfect addition to a wedding. Balloon displays will enhance the look of any venue and can turn even the drabbest hall into a riot of colour and add a party atmosphere to proceedings. Employ a professional to fashion a wonderful decorative scheme or if you are on a tight budget get creative yourself! You can use balloons in many different ways for your wedding and here are some ideas to consider. Continue reading