Why Have a Tattoo?

I have to admit that I come at this subject from the point of view of a deep sceptic. I don’t like tattoos and I would never get one. It is my ultimate nightmare to awake from an inebriated night out to find that I have acquired one. I think they are a disfigurement whatever the image concerned may be.



My chief issue with tattoos is their permanent nature. Once applied you have a major mission on your hands if you want to get rid them. It does not surprise me to learn that the number of people seeking laser removal is growing fast but treatment can be lengthy, expensive and painful. You cannot get tattoos removed on the National Health Service unless you can demonstrate severe psychological distress. I know that is what I would be suffering if I had a tattoo!

Changes of Heart

Whilst some people want their tattoos removed because they simply go off the idea of tattoos in general, others want rid of them because of ill advised choices of imagery. The names of partner’s and political statements can both prove to be a mistake as relationships end and views change over time. I would urge anyone who must have a tattoo to think carefully about exactly what they have inked onto their bodies not to mention where they put it. Visible tattoos can be an obstacle to employment and as the owner of a bridal shop I have encountered another issue with the things.

Concerned Brides

Many prospective brides come into the shop anxious to find a dress or jacket which conceals their tattoos. Their choices of style are, therefore, extremely restricted, which always seems such a shame. Some of the brides just don’t want the images on show on their big day but others clearly regret their presence full stop. It is difficult to look romantic and serene in a lovely lace gown with a tattoo of a spider on your shoulder!


There are so many ways to adorn your body and to stand out from the crowd without resorting to measures which are all but permanent and harrowing to remove. Bold fashion statements, fabulous jewellery and striking accessories will all do the trick and you can take them off when you tire of them and constantly make changes when your tastes evolve. Hair styles are also a great way to create a unique image. Unusual cuts and colours can totally alter your image but if you change your mind or need to appear more conventional then you don’t have to worry because hair grows and your creations can be eradicated in an instant.

There is an old saying that you marry in haste and repent at leisure and I can’t help feeling that the same applies to tattoos. What seems like a wonderful idea when you are 20 and a student may not look so prudent when you are 30 and applying for a management position at a bank. I know some people just love this artwork but I just don’t get it at all!


Article by Sally Stacey