How to Dress for a Winter Wedding

Holy Trinty Church Loddon

Many couples opt for a winter wedding and this is often because the costs for venues and suppliers can be much lower away from the peak period of the summer months. Couples are also less likely to find that their intended guests are on holiday on their big day. Winter weddings are often beautiful but the weather can be a big issue. The winter months could throw up everything from a bright sunny day to a blizzard but the one thing you can be sure of is that it won’t be warm.

It is wise to be prepared to brave the cold. If the service and reception are at different venues the bride, groom and bridesmaids are going to have to be outside at some point. Even if the wedding and reception are in the same place it is nice to get outside for some photographs so some thought must be given as to how to fend off the cold.

The Groom and Attendants

The groom, best man and ushers will probably be wearing suits of some kind which don’t offer too much protection against the weather. If the budget allows it, an investment in overcoats is a good one, if not encourage each man to bring his own coat. These can be taken off and left at the entrance to the venue during the ceremony but will be very useful when standing outside of the church before the ceremony or whilst waiting for pictures. If it is really cold the men can wear thermals or base layer sportswear under their shirts and trousers.

The Bride

Unlike the men the bride will struggle to find base layers that are totally concealed buy the dress. Fur jackets and wraps are a great idea and look so nice that they can even be worn during the service or the photography. If it is snowy it can be difficult to walk outside in bridal shoes and they will quickly get ruined so make sure someone takes a pair good winter boots to the venue so they can be used for walking to the entrance and moving around outside. Half a dozen large umbrellas are a good investment too.

The Bridesmaids

The female attendants will have the same issues as the bride. Fur wraps and jackets will really help here too as will a change of footwear. Designate someone to take the boots to the venue for the maids and to have them available when they pull up and for after the ceremony otherwise you will end up with a lot of cold and wet feet.

The Reception

Make sure there is somewhere warm and cosy for the wedding party to retreat to at the reception venue after a spell in the cold. A room with a real fire is a plus and hot drinks can help too. If you are freezing cold the last thing you need is a glass of chilled champagne. A hot toddy or a good coffee will go down a treat so arrange these in advance.


If the weather is really bad it may not be possible to have photographs taken outside so inspect the venue in advance for good places to take the pictures indoors and arrange for access to these for the appropriate time. It is particularly important to sort out this issue in advance if the venue will be open to the public on the day.

Issues with the weather can be overcome but only if you plan well for all the eventualities in advance.


Article by Sally Stacey