The High Cost of a Wedding

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I constantly marvel at the sheer amount of money that some people spend on their weddings, particularly as many brides don’t really appear able to afford it. At my bridal shop I am constantly seeing people who wish to pay in instalments and who are looking for bargains because the expense is getting out of hand. Some brides arrive with baby carriers having just had a child so I can’t begin to imagine how they are funding a wedding and the cost of a new baby at the same time. It makes me wonder what these girls are thinking of even though my business depends on them spending their cash!

Lost Meaning

For me the true meaning of a wedding has been buried under a mountain of excess. Marriage is a celebration of love and the confirmation of a wish to spend the rest of your life with someone. A wedding can be a beautiful occasion without spending thousands and sometimes the simplest weddings are the best ones. I marvel that so much cash is splashed on receptions when the ceremony is the principle element of the wedding and the focal point of the entire day. The ceremony often seems to be an afterthought as brides focus on the fine details of their magnificent reception. The great irony here is that despite the enormous expense most receptions end up being pretty much the same! Perhaps financially challenged brides would be better off dropping the formal reception altogether. I think if were to marry again I would favour a quicky at the registry office before heading for the airport to enjoy a good holiday!

Weddings Abroad

I can certainly understand those who decide to marry overseas. There is no reception to fund, few complications and they are in a beautiful place where the honeymoon can start as soon as they say “I do”. Brides can still wear a stunning dress, have lovely flowers and some great pictures to remember the day by but they don’t have to pay for a hundred people to eat a meal that they quite possibly won’t enjoy anyway.


If brides really want to impress without breaking the bank the best way to do this is to come up with something totally different. Forget the expensive hotel, set meals and disco. Weddings do not have to follow a set formula at all. Invite just a few guests and go to the theatre, a football match or a concert. Have a tea party in your garden or a barbecue at a friend’s house but whatever you plan don’t spend money you can ill afford. Your wedding is just one day and you can have many other wonderful days together for the £20,000 that a wedding typically costs now. I think I would rather have a host of great memories rather than just looking back on one occasion and with £20,000 I could really have some fun.


Article by Sally Stacey